Ballet West

Gifts Made in Memory and in Honor

Gifts Made in Memory and in Honor

Regency Royal

Gifts Made In Memory and In Honor

We thank those donors who have made a gift to Ballet West in memory or in honor of the individuals listed below.


In Memory of Ray E. Andersen
Sara Andersen
In Memory of Maxine Barnes
Teresa Edwards
In Memory of Janice Ione Berghout
Ann Berghout Austin
In Memory of Earle Robert Bevins III
Linda M. Thorn Bevins
In Memory of Megan Leigh Brown
Marie Brown
In Memory of Kevin Brown
Ballet West
In Memory of Willam Christensen
David Barber and Greg Geilmann
In Memory of Karen Coleman
Ballet West
In Memory of Jacqueline Cronsberg
Sandra Jennings
In Memory of Donna L. Dell
Ballet West
In Memory of Lela and Reid Ellsworth
Janet Ellsworth
In Memory of John Englund
Chris Jorgensen
In Memory of Deborah Dubinski Flamish
Ballet West Guild
In Memory of Mark Fry
Sabrina Ahern
Jerry and Karen Authier
Curtis and Donna Ball
Ballet West Guild
Erica and Travis Barker
Mary Barnes
Roger and Barbara Beau
George and Ellen Berg
Jack Berg
Gayle and Richard Berg
Nora Bergan
Steven and JJ Burnham
John Cavanah
Diane Christy
Chris Costello
Gordon and Teresa Doig
Libby Dreier
Colleen Dwars
Donald and Gwen Eels
Lon and Roseanne Ewing
Shane D. Feiman
Arnold and Joyce Fencl
Robert and Linda Fischer
Wyeth Friday and Donna McCullough
Clark Fry
Wenda Fry
David and Susan Fuls
David and Sue Gates
Sharon and James Gelhaus
Thomas and Ann Gordon
Mary K. Grande
Nancy Greenberg
Tyler and Mari Hamm
Mark and Carolyn Hansen
Elizabeth Harrison
James and Joan Hyde
Sarah Jee
Rebecca Johnston
Jill and Kirk Kinnear
James and Rita Koll
LuAnne Lathrop
Kevin Lincoln
Ronald and Sheila Lund
Craig and Cheryl Lyon
Kathryn Magli
Maxine Manni
Michelle Mapes
Kari Marks
Gary and Lori May
Carol Mosley
Joel and Jerlene Mosley
Chaz, Shawn, Ashton, Preston and Colton Parmley
Jean Peterson
Sharyl Peterson
John and Ardis Reiss
Nancy Richardson
Penni Jo Romero
Paige Schladetsch
Stanley and Malia Schleifer
Kristy Schweitz
Marci Sesker
Kevin and Roxanne Straub
Larry and Elizabeth Strenge
Nina Swanson
Stephen and Kaye Van Gilder
David and June Voldseth
Wayson Family Farms
Kathleen and Thomas Weichel
Don and Peggy Weideman
Yvonne Weideman
Eugene and Nancy Wehrheim
Marlene Whiting
Julie Whitworth
Susan Wilson
Howard and Carol Zehntner
Bethany Lutheran Church
Ponderosa Elementary School
“Quest for Authentic Manhood” Brothers at Bethany Lutheran in Elkhorn, Omaha, NE
Trinity Lutheran Church
Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
Yoked Parish Churches
In Memory of Dorothy Lee Erkelens Gibby
Robert R. Gibby
In Memory of Rozell Henrie
Karen Nichols
In Memory of Joann Jensen
Paul R. Johnson
In Memory of Tony Lazzara
Ballet West
In Memory of Dorothy McBride
William and Joanne Shiebler
In Memory of Wendy Barlow McNatt
Patricia Barlow
In Memory of Peter Durkee Meldrum
Ballet West
In Memory of Anne Merrick
John Merrick
In Memory of Jed Moss
Ballet West
Betsy Hijazi
In Memory of Lynette Myler
Marie Bohata
In Memory of Sara Nelson
Brad and Teresa Nolen
In Memory of Emily Johnson Ott
Mark Ott
In Memory of Rhoda Ramsey
Rochelle Warner
In Memory of Luana G. Richards
Cassie Mosier
In Memory of Carol Ann Robertson
In Memory of Roy W. Ryan
Shirley Veit
In Memory of Rulynn Skidmore
Andrea Skidmore
In Memory of Steven P. Sondrup
Ballet West
In Memory of Walter Stoker
Julie Lewis
In Memory of Min and Raymond Stevenson
Tamara Denning
In Memory of Barbara L. Tanner
Ballet West
In Memory of David Tundermann
Ballet West
In Memory of Walker Wallace
Ballet West


In Honor of Bruce Caldwell
Kenny and Janeal Hodges
In Honor of Abbigail Carpenter
Lynn and Sharee Birrell
In Honor of Peter Christie
Joel and Frances Harris
In Honor of Carmelita Clawson
Michael Clawson
In Honor of Jennifer Clayton
David Clayton, MD
In Honor of the Curtis Children
Robert and Caprene Curtis
In Honor of Shelly Cordova
Ballet West Senior Steps Participants
In Honor of Linden Ebling
Carol Clasby
In Honor of Aerilyn Grotepas
Tonya Grotepas
In Honor of Rachael Darden Harper
Michael R. and Sheila I. Harper
In Honor of Dr. Joel M. Harris
Carolyn and Dennis Bernard
In Honor of Lucas Horns
Gordon Irving
In Honor of Madeline Howell
Karen Freed
In Honor of Johann Jacobs
Gerald M. Lazar
In Honor of Jennifer Malherbe
Madeleine and Harvey Plonsker
In Honor of Elliott Mumm
Anita Harding
In Honor of Joy Rocklin
Mary Gootjes and John Davis
In Honor of Nicole Ryujin
Ravindra Gangadat
In Honor of Judith C. Scott
Douglas Scott
In Honor of Anne Marie Smith and Family
Laura and Martin deLannoy
In Honor of Susan Torgesen Smith
Joshua Smith
In Honor of Adam Sklute
In Honor of Dean and Dina Tilton
Carol Ann Saikhon
In Honor of Alexis and Talia Thorum
Julie Thorum
In Honor of Jaclyn Weisenbeck
In Honor of Isabel Wilcox
Amy Wilcox
In Honor of William Wood Jr.
John and Michelle Flynn
In Honor of the Gifted Artists of Ballet West
Michelle McDonough
In Honor of Jared Oaks and the Members of the Ballet West Orchestra
Kenny and Janeal Hodges