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Roxanne Christensen Lazzara, daughter of Willam and Mignon Christensen, passed away in November. Born into a legacy ballet family, Roxanne grew up watching the Companies her father founded, San Francisco Ballet and Ballet West. She fell in love with dance and the stage with her first role as a buffoon in The Nutcracker and went on to study in the program her father founded - the University of Utah's Ballet Department, the first accredited ballet program in the United States.

Afterward, she joined Ballet West as a company member and toured the United States, helping to establish the reputation of not just Ballet West, but ballet itself. In 1971, Roxanne toured Europe in what would become a pivotal expedition for the little company from Utah. Accolades from the most prestigious critics in Europe were penned for Ballet West and the tour elevated the Company to international acclaim. Roxanne will be deeply missed by staff, dancers, and supporters. Those who knew her will miss her verve and kindness, as well as performance intermissions where she would whisper wonderful stories of a glamorous past.

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