Ballet West

Gifts Made in Memory and in Honor

Gifts Made in Memory and in Honor

Cache Valley Banking Co.

We thank those donors who have made a gift to Ballet West in memory or in honor of the individuals listed below.


In Memory of Ray E. Andersen
Sara Andersen

In Memory of Gladys Banks
Ballet West

In Memory of Janice Ione Berghout
Ann Berghout Austin

In Memory of Bessa
Colleen Hansen

In Memory of Earle Robert Bevins III
Linda M. Thorn Bevins

In Memory of Megan Leigh Brown
Marie Brown

In Memory of Kevin Brown
Ballet West
Alvin and Gloria Charnes
Steve C. Hegerfeld

In Memory of Willam Christensen
David Barber and Greg Geilmann

In Memory of Samantha Clausing
Kathleen Phillips

In Memory of Jacqueline Cronsberg
Sandra Jennings

In Memory of Lela and Reid Ellsworth
Janet Ellsworth

In Memory of John H. Firmage, Jr.
Katherine W. Lamb

In Memory of Deborah Dubinski Flamish
Ballet West Guild

In Memory of Mark Fry
Ballet West

In Memory of Roxanne Christensen Lazzara
Ballet West

In Memory of Dorothy McBride
William and Joanne Shiebler

In Memory of Peter Durkee Meldrum
Ballet West

In Memory of Jed Moss
Ballet West

In Memory of Lynette Myler
Marie Bohata

In Memory of Sara Nelson
Brad and Teresa Nolen

In Memory of Emily Johnson Ott
Mark Ott

In Memory of Lucy Dodge Poindexter
Sandy Dodge

In Memory of Carol Ann Robertson

In Memory of Roy W. Ryan
Shirley Veit

In Memory of Rulynn Skidmore
Andrea Skidmore

In Memory of Walter Stoker
Julie Lewis

In Memory of Barbara L. Tanner
Ballet West

In Memory of Reagan Tolboe
Monte Caldwell
Jim and Barbara Clark
Kristin Cowan
Thomas and Mary McCarthey
Dennis Rocheleau
The Sam & Diane Stewart Family Foundation
Leslie Stone
Ballet West Guild
Ballet West
John and Michelle Flynn


In Honor of Bruce Caldwell
Kenny and Janeal Hodges

In Honor of Abbigail Carpenter
Lynn and Sharee Birrell

In Honor of Peter Christie
Joel and Frances Harris

In Honor of Shelly Cordova
Ballet West Senior Steps Participants

In Honor of Aerilyn Grotepas
Tonya Grotepas

In Honor of Rachael Darden Harper
Michael R. and Sheila I. Harper

In Honor of Dr. Joel M. Harris
Carolyn and Dennis Bernard

In Honor of Lucas Horns
Gordon Irving

In Honor of Madeline Howell
Karen Freed

In Honor of Barbara Levy Kipper
Melissa Farruggia

In Honor of Alyxandra Luras
Melissa Kristen Luras

In Honor of Jennifer Malherbe
Madeleine and Harvey Plonsker

In Honor of Sebastian and Costello Mitchell
Carol Loucks

In Honor of Joy Rocklin
Mary Gootjes and John Davis

In Honor of Nicole Ryujin
Ravindra Gangadat

In Honor of Thresa Paige Kathleen Saunders
Alan Saunders

In Honor of Judith C. Scott
Douglas Scott

In Honor of Sadie and Grace Shipp
Nathan Shipp

In Honor of Adam Sklute

In Honor of Susan Torgesen Smith
Joshua Smith

In Honor of Adam Sklute

In Honor of Kassidy Snow
Eric Kreutzer

In Honor of Dean and Dina Tilton
Carol Ann Saikhon

In Honor of Alexis and Talia Thorum_
Julie Thorum

In Honor of Melodee Valentine
Wendee Valentine

In Honor of Jaclyn Weisenbeck

In Honor of Isabel Wilcox
Amy Wilcox

In Honor of Wilkes Family
Barbara Silberzahn

In Honor of Jared Oaks and the Members of the Ballet West Orchestra
Kenny and Janeal Hodges

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