Ballet West

75th Anniversary Campaign Donors

75th Anniversary Campaign Donors

Minky Couture


The Nutcracker
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Clara’s Sleigh
McCarthey Family Foundation
Grandfather Clock
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation
Show Curtain
Dominion Energy
Christmas Tree
Katherine W. & Ezekiel R.Dumke, Jr. Foundation
Puppet Show
R. Harold Burton Foundation
Chinese Dragon
Janet Quinney Lawson Foundation
Christmas Presents
Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Nurembug Set
2017 Ballet West Board of Directors
Mark Weisbender


DiFiore Family
Roxanne Christensen and Tony Lazzara
Ben and Lael Selznick
Sarah and Rich West


Paul and Melanie Lyon
Jennifer and Gideon Malherbe
Peter and Catherine Meldrum
Dan P. Miller
Nebeker Family Foundation
Paterson Center
Susan Warshaw
Jacquelyn Wentz


John and Andrea Miller
Charlie Gardner and Patti Eylar
Hank and Diane Louis
Jennifer Strachan and Tom Biersbach
Party Guests
Ila and Anne Neeley
Irwin and Harriet Ross
Jo-Ann Wong
Clara’s Party Dress
Dr. Pamela Parkinson and Joshua Scoby
Clara’s Nightdress
Judy and Larry Brownstein
The Huntsman Foundation
Clara’s Tutu
The Huntsman Foundation
In Memory of Judee Ross Fritz
Emmett and Lola Black
Nutcracker Fans of Holland & Hart, LLP
Jacob Stewart
Party Girls
Gwen Creel-Erickson
The Huntsman Foundation
Kennedy and Natalie Slagle - Lifetime Products
Tracy Family
Military Girl
Barbara and Jim Clark
Party Boys
The Huntsman Foundation
Christopher Slager
Military Boy
Griffin and Mia Horne & Family
Bubba Stewart
Zoey Lovett
Mouse King
Barbara Levy Kipper
Mouse Prince
Gibson Hochhauser
Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
Bajian Fernald
Katharine Lamb
Mirabella Efstratis
Holland & Hart, LLP
Mia Horne and Family
The Huntsman Foundation
John Michael “Jack”
Adriana Rose McCarter
Athena Metos
Sebastian and Costello Mitchell
Chris and Courtney Opdyke
Kennedy and Natalie Slagle - Lifetime Products
Aurelia Niamh and Errol Armelle Thompson
“Ya Ya” Lyn V. Trenbeath
Julia S. Watkins
Snow Queen
Madeline Cassell
Mckenzie Brooke Hallsey
Sandra and Richard Jacobson
Grandchildren of Cynthia Lampropoulos
Brian, Janae, Jess, Anne, and Spencer Powell
In Memory of Judee Ross
Linda and Brad Walton
Snow Cavalier
Jeanie Pollack
Michael Scolamiero
Carole Wood and Darrell Hensleigh
Snow Corps de Ballet
Judy Brady and Drew W. Browning
The Burris Family
The Futch Family
The Huntsman Foundation
Alexia Faye, Kapri Rose, and Serena Sylvia Peterson
Shannon, Glenn, Zane, Slade, and Case Schemmer
Jonathan and Amanda Schmieder
Samantha Slager
Jennifer Strachan and Tom Biersbach
Sugar Plum Fairy
Ballard Spahr LLP
Peggy Bergmann
Emma Cassell
Alan and Jeanne Hall
Cindy and Blake Strong
Lisa West
Courtney Carter Zwick
Sugar Plum Cavalier
Kenneth J. Ariotti
Christopher Ruud
Tom Ruud
Suzanne and Clisto Beaty
Catherine DeBry
Dr. Debbie Hadlock
The Huntsman Foundation
Madeleine JiaTai Miller
Lisa Hoyt
Kay Christiansen
Caroline and Eleanor Madsen
Jennifer Strachan and Tom Biersbach
Terry Vismantas
Nicholas Anderson
Spanish Women
Shanti Christiansen
Valeria Marti
Frances Conrad Valley, Choreographer
Spanish Man
Marla Gault
Santiago Marti
Arabian Woman
Blair Bieser
Ruby Jane Doss
Madeleine Plonsker
Arabian Man
Anthony and Jessica Mirabile
Harvey Plonsker
Arabian Corps de Ballet
Kaffe Mercantile
Clara Kratzer
The Tracy Family
Chinese Warrior and Dragon Dancers
The Rossi Family
Mirliton Lead
Carol Anne Price Keithley and Ruthe Anne Price
Pamela Robinson-Harris
Ella Elizabeth Croft
Jacob Gardner
Joy Hodges
Mercedes Smith
Russian Dancers
John and Kristi Cumming
Theodore Schmidt
In Memory of Mitchell Selznick
Mother Buffoon
The Ballet West Guild
Chloe, Finley, Isabelle, and Makena Gardner
Declan, Miles, Natalie, and Owen Miller
Waltz of the Flowers Lead
Adam Sklute and Christopher Renstrom
Waltz of the Flowers Demi-Soloists
Sue and Walker Wallace
Elaine Wolbrom
Waltz of the Flowers Corps de Ballet
In Memory of Betty Ann Anderson
Judy Brady and Drew W. Browning
Rita and Tracy Frankel
Brooklyn Harlow Foyle
Judy N. Knight
The Kohlburn Family
Liliana Kratzer
The Love Family
Nick, Mercy, and Tina Mamalis
Suzy Mihalopoulos
Granddaughters of Peter Morgan
Lena Polster
Jonathan and Amanda Schmieder Dixie Stoddard
Elizabeth Uhl


Vilija Avizonis and Gregory McComas
Leslie and Carl Barton
Frances and Jerome Battle
Sharon and Michael Bertelsen
Barbara B. Christensen
John and Joan Firmage
Philip George
Edward and Natalie Grandy
George Haley
John and Stacy Hamm
Stephanie and Tim Harpst
William K. and Janeal P. Hodges
Karen Horne and Michael Rowley
Scott Huntsman
David and Linda Irvine
Andrea Kirstein
Angela Martindale and Michael Snow
Norma Matheson
Willis McCree and John Fromer
Sara and Robert Neal
Lee Quinney
Barbara Snarr Reid
The Rickman Family
Erin and Bryan Riggsbee
Nate and Cami Shipp
Krista and Jim Sorenson
Rick and Chris Veit
Mike and Debra Washburn
Jane Wood


Alex Brown
Susan Chilton
Michael Andrew Currey and Calvin Kitten
John Davis
Kathleen Harmon Gardner
Jon and Tami Hansen
Scott Hansen and Peggy Norton
Becky Johnson
Barbara Horwitz
Larry and Tina Howard
Mary Hunt
Gordon Irving
Karin Lockovitch
Michael Merz
Hilary and Ben Nitka
Catherine Ostroski Benjamin and Jade Romney
Aharon Shulimson and Julie Terry
Beth and Randy Siebert
Engles Tejeda
Lamont and Carol Tyler
Vienna Foundation
Kathryn Zwack


Lois and Stephen Baar
Adrienne Bell
Blaine Benard
Kevan Blaire
Nanako Bolton
Paula Bowman
Janice Brown
Sally Burgin
Kathryn and John Burnham
Rita Christensen
Patricia Colon
Laura Cummings
The Dance Centre
Brittany Ellis
Linda Fenton Dance Studio
Lana Clark Foley
Barbara W. Frazier
Friends of Ballet West
Jeanette Glover
Helen Goodwin
Jerry Goulding
Virginia Huber
Jennifer Irwin
Holly Jacobsen
Steve Jepperson
Charles Jr.
Stacey Justice
Paulette Katzenbach
Bonne Kelly
Mary Lou Kohout
John Logan
Dr. and Mrs. Ned L. Mangelson
Lonny Martinez
Heather Mills
Shelah Miner
Jennifer Moldre
Kristi Lee Mortensen
Kevin Murray
Mark Peterson
Jennifer Porter
Brent Rammell
Karl Ryser
Margaret P. Sargent
Juergen Sass
LaShel Shaw
Cindy Smith
Patricia Smith
Robert and Arita Sparks
David Springer
Jeanie and Roland Squire
Torey Swink
Anthony and Mary Temple
LaRae R. Thackeray
Jane Thorpe
John and Susan Walker
Jody Williams
Barbara Wirostko
Kathleen and Scott Woody
Traci Worthington
CW Land Co.
Katherine Yonally


John and Monique Abbott
Diane Anderson and Karen Glick
Elizabeth Anderson
Ann Atkisson
Sally and Kamar Aulakh
Ellen Baggaley
Jeremy Barclay
Almina Barksdale
David and Rebecca Bateman
Kelley Beaudry
James Bennett
Marie and Wallace Bennett
Katherine and David Broadbent
Robin Brown
Kristen and Thomas K. Brown, Jr.
Donna Burroughs
Heidi Cannella
Allison Carter
Teresa Castolene
Richard Cawthon
Richard Chodroff
Michele Christiansen
JoAnn P. Colin
Kellie Colunga
Debbie Costanzo
Cottonwood Study Group
Charles and Susan Critchlow
Pati Crosby
Lori Darr
Ms. Kathy A.F. Davis
Michael J. Diehl
LJ Dustman
David Eastwood
Mary Erickson and Ann Jarcho Thomas
David C. Fisher
Suzanne Fleming
Anna Francis
Friends of Ballet West
Janet and Harry Fuller
Irina Galgolenko
Christina Gamache
Annie Garavatti
Nina Grover
Sara Guggisberg
James Guthrie
Janice Gygi
Curtis Hadley
AnnMarie Hamar
Chad Hansen and Charles Payne
Colleen Hansen
Kassandra Hansen
Paul and Patricia Hansen
Mariana Harper
Tracey Harty
Alexi Hatch
Melissa Haupt
Ashley and Gracie H.
Lillian H. Heil
Barry and Susie Horne
Arnold Jackson
Brian and Michele Jahne
Julia Jeffery
Dallas Jenkins
Karla Jenkins
Lissa Jensen
Marti Johnson
Reynold and Joy Johnson
Cindy Jones
Edna Jones
Helen A. Kennedy
Linda Kraync
Dayna Kringlen
Brita Larsen
Susan Larsen
Debra Larson
Helen M. Leech
Jane Lindsay
Jacob Lowell
Diane Luke
Amber Mackey
Sophia Maedjaja
Christy Manilla
Eugene McCarthy
Sandrine and Thomas McDonald
Rebecca McKean
Kathy Melby
Connie Mendez
Jennifer Michas
Blake Miller
Penny Minnick
Robert and Elizabeth Moll
Kerry Moore
Susan and Barry Mortenson
Michelle Muntean
Cheryl Newton
Robert Nguyen
Alan Nicholls
John Oakman
Carol and Alfred Oestreich
Rebecca Ory-Hernandez
Dorothy Palmer
Michael and Cindy Palumbo
Ronald and Camille Parker
Ryan D. Patterson
Thea Peters-Brannon and Bob Brannon
Richard C. and Helen M. Petersen
Richard and Lois Peterson
Lana Petkovic
Mary Price
Stephanie Prows
Trinity Roberts
Barbara Robison
Patricia and Elmer Sandberg
Emily Schilling
Charlotte Sessions
Cassandra and Eric Slattery
Diane Smith
Nicole Squires
Eunice Stafford
Shannon Steele
Kimberly R.L. Stewart
Rustin Stokes
Lori and William Stratton
Maryann Streeper
Candace Swanger
Nate Swanson
Sharon Taplin
The Vicky Telford Family
Megan Tonkovich
Adam Tuero
Bobbi Ulvestad
Anna Valdez-Willie
Jerry and Jo Ann Van Os
Ryan Welch
John and Lauri Weston
Lawrence Wiedmann
Barbara Wolin
Yan Yan-Neale
Anonymous (4)