Ballet West

Glass Pieces

Glass Pieces

Tuacahn Amphitheatre

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Artists Of Ballet West | Photo By Luke Isley

Glass Pieces


Jerome Robbins

Philip Glass

Philip Neal

Costume Design*:
Ben Benson

Scenic Design*:
Jerome Robbins and Ronald Bates

Lighting Design:
Jennifer Tipton

Lighting Re-Creation:
Les Dickert

Jerome Robbins

Performed by permission of The Robbins Rights Trust

*Glass Pieces Costumes and Scenery Courtesy of San Francisco Ballet

World Premiere:
May 12, 1983, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater, New York City, New York

Ballet West Premiere:
April 1, 2022, Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah

Like beams of sunlight reflecting off a crystal chandelier, choreographer Jerome Robbins’ ballet Glass Pieces propels dancers across the stage in a series of hypnotic rhythms reminiscent of the random movements of New York commuters passing through Grand Central Station. Glass Pieces features the music of avant garde composer Philip Glass, whose score is typical of his hypnotic compositions that he calls “music with repetitive structures.” A favorite with both dancers and their audiences, Glass Pieces is influenced by other postmodern dances and depicts the driving energy of metropolitan life as the dancers build to a grand finale at an electrifying pace.

This program lasts approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, with one intermission