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Challenge Match

Challenger School

We thank those donors who have made a contribution to the Ballet West Challenge Match. Each gift helps to sustain our programs while investing in future initiatives.

Lead Challenge Match Supporters

Peggy Bergmann
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Garbett Family Foundation
Emma Eccles Jones Foundation
Beano Solomon

Challenge Match Supporters

John and Marilyn Alleman
Diane Anderson and Karen Glick
Leslie Scopes Anderson
Ronald and Kathy Aoki
Ann Atkisson
Vilija Avizonis and Gregory McComas
Greg Baird
Catherine Baker
Amy Baldwin
David Barber and Greg Geilmann
Deborah and Byron Barkley
Frances and Jerome Battle
Clisto and Suzanne Beaty
Li Beck
Bonnie Jean Beesley
Francisco D. Blas II
Colleen Bliss
Ronald and Tracy Bolander
Linda Boren
Richard Brandt
Helen W. Brown
Sarah Brown and Joel Hanes
Judith Brunvand
Sally Burgin
John and Kathryn Burnham
Leslie Calvert
Brett Campbell
Heather Campbell
Richard and Judith Cannon
Carol Carter
Roger and Kathryn C. Carter
John F. Catlett
Rebecca Marriott Champion
Robyn M. Chandlier
Carol T. Christ
Cecile and Harold Christiansen
Alice Chung
Jim and Barbara Clark
MaryBeth J. Clark
Jeri Claspill
Patricia and Jeff Clay
Orson and Dianne Clay
Sarabeth Clevenger
Alan S. and Orlene Cohen
Karen Coleman
Drs. Joan L. and William J. Coles
Hilaree Collins
Donna Conway
Cranshaw Corporation
Charles and Susan Critchlow
Lindsey Dakis
Ann Darling
Debbie Davis
John Bohnsack and Rebecca Day
Pascale De Rozario and Jonathan Crossett
Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
Willard and Julie Dere
Carleton DeTar
Phuong Vy Doan
Dr. Frances Dolloph and Aleisa Barber
Mary Donovan
Shellie Drake
Richard and Pamela Dropek
Michelle and Fred Dunbar
Anna Dunn
Jane Durcan
Spencer F. and Cleone P. Eccles Family Foundation
Ms. Leslie Edwards
W. Hague & Sue J. Ellis Foundation
Ivy Estabrooke
Christina Fanney
Dawn Farrell
Deborah B. and Edward Felt
Susan and Blair Feulner
Gina Fisher
Shannon Flinders
Caren Frost
Roslyn Gallagher
JoAnn Galloway
Bryson Garbett
David Keith Garside and Audrey Miner
Marla M. Gault
Cecile Gilmer and Norm Jones
Karen and Dave Gribbin
Paul and Janet Griffin
Debra and Stephen Guthery
Corey and Zeina Haase
Barbara Hall and John Eicholtz
Kenneth and Kate Handley
Jon and Tami Hansen
Scott Hansen and Peggy Norton
Stephanie and Tim Harpst
Rebecca Harrell
Michael and Juliana Harris
Marc and Mary Carole Harrison
Robert Harrison
Vicki Hauben
Kathleen Haynes
Rebecca Held
Toni Hempstead
Tom and Jan Herbert
Laurie Hofmann
Connie C. Holbrook
Daniel Horns and Renee Zollinger
Carolee Hosfeld
Margaret Hostetter
Larry and Tina Howard
Linda Hull
Gordon Irving
Hilary Jacobs and Daniel Schelling
Michelle and Brian Jahne
Anne and Lawrence Jones
Denis Deck and Sandra Jones
Kristine Jordan
Chris Jorgensen
John S. Karls
Dr. Siegfried G. and Mrs. Ellen G. Karsten
Lawrence and Linda Kelley
Ken Kerr
Jessica and Reese Kidman
Jeanne M. Kimball
Carole Klein and Brad Chesivoir
Christine Klein and John Manfredi
Tony and Wendy Kraatz
James R. Kruse and Mary Jo Smith
Christine Kruskamp
Katharine W. Lamb
Scott and Jessica Laroche
Kelly Latimer
Lawrence Laub
Claudia and David Lauret
Frederick Q. Lawson Foundation
Mary B. and Lindon Leader
Robert and Miriam Lenz
Merrill Lewen and Laurence Cooper
Charlene Lind
Hank and Diane Louis
Susan Loving
Diane Luke
David and Donna Lyon
Sally Lyon
Courtney Maclean
Ronald and Danece Mangone
Jack and Anne Mark
Anna Matthews
Rachèle McCarthey and Brock Van de Kamp
Thomas and Mary McCarthey
Vicki and Carl McGavin
Rebecca McKean
Nancy Melich and Lex Hemphill
Dan P. Miller
John and Andrea Miller
Susan L. Miller
Peggy Mitchell
Terry and Rodney Miyasaki
Pat and Jim Morgan
Melonie Murray
Sara and Robert Neal
Anne and Ila Neeley
Anne M. and William C. Nelsen
Cheryl Newton
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Newton
Trevor and Amy Nielson
Hilary and Ben Nitka
Steven L. and June Anne Olsen
Maura and Serge Olszanskyj
Amy Oxman
Michael and Cindy Palumbo
Marjorie and Robert Parry
Elodie Payne
Linda S. Pembroke
Mark Petersen
Ray Pickup
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
Nancy Rapoport and Jeff Van Niel
Suzanne and David Razor
Convergence Planning
Eric Rickart
Victor and Susan Rickman
Rosann Robinson
Joy Rocklin
Kathe Rogers
James Rose and George Henry
Genevieve Maire Rosol
Yvonne Del Rossi
Chris and Ellen Rossi
Howard and Kathy Rothwell
Dasha Runnions
Leonard and Alene Russon
Juergen Sass
R. Schaefer
Sandefur Schmidt
Theodore Schmidt
Jonathan and Amanda Schmieder
Mary and James Schwing
Antonia Sears
Natalie Segall
Sally Shaffer
Sallie Shatz
Sascha and Richard Shutkind
Teresa Silcox
Jonathan and Liz Slager
Linda F. Smith
John Sonnenberg
Beverly Souder
Diana Major Spencer
Michele Straube
Annie and Cory Strupp
Amanda Sutton
Jill Swensen
Jeanine Taylor
Brenda Thompson
Don Thompson
Mary Lynne Thompson
Ellen Tolstad
Dorothy J. Tong
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Townsend
Leonore Tyler
Farrah N. Valdez
Rick and Chris Veit
Grace Vianney
Amy Widmar
Raymond Vismantas
Kevin Voyles
Allen and Lucinda Wald
Brad and Linda Walton
Susan Warshaw
Andrea Watkins
Julia S. Watkins
Jack Watson
Steven Webb
Mark Weisbender
Donald West
Danyelle White
Courtney Williams
Kellie Willits
Jay and Alicia Wilson
Claudia Wilson
John and Nancy Wingelaar
Heather Caress Winkler
Carolyn B. Wold
Mary Bird and Lance Wood
Marelynn and Edward Zipser
Anonymous (9)

The above lists include donations received before October 21, 2020.

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