Ballet West

Ballet West Staff

Rubys Inn

Adam Sklute,
Artistic Director
The Willam Christensen Artistic Director Chair
Sponsored by Peggy Bergmann

Michael Scolamiero
Executive Director
The Elizabeth Solomon Executive Director Chair


Liz Crawford Chief Financial Officer
Felicia Cowan Director of Human Resources
Sarah Taylor Company Manager
Hilary Hancock Company Management Coordinator
Jennifer Bailey Senior Accounting Manager
Madeline Harris Accounting Coordinator
Teri Percy Assistant to the Executive Director and Board Liaison


Pamela Robinson Harris Principal Ballet Master
Jane Victorine Wood Ballet Master
Bruce Caldwell Ballet Master and Company Archivist
Nicolo Fonte Resident Choreographer
Cristin Carlin Artistic Operations Manager
Calvin Kitten Director of Ballet West II and Assistant Ballet Master
Heather Thackeray Student Ballet Master


David Heuvel Director of Costume Production
Jason Hadley Incoming Director of Costume Production
Cindy Farrimond Costume Shop Manager
Barbara Arcolio Head Stitcher
Mary Kay Feicht, Vicki Goslin Raincrow Stitchers


Sarah West Chief Development Officer
Natalie Cope Director of Major Gifts
Alicia Brooks Annual Giving Manger
Jyn Van Putten Foundations and Government Giving Manager
Bretleigh Sandorf Development Data Manager


Peter Christie Director of Education and Outreach
Dana Rossi Education Associate /Assistant Director, I CAN DO
Heather Fryxell Associate Director, Adaptive Dance
Shelly Cordova Assistant Director, Senior Steps/Forward Steps
Temria Airmet, Nikki Bybee, Kira Coelho, Shelly Cordova, Ashley Creek, Jennifer Heighton, Sarah Lovett, Stacey Mahan, Wendee Fiedeley-McCulloch, Audrey Olsen, Moisés Próspero, Alison Russell, Amy Simkins, Anne Marie Smith, Joni Taylor, Ashlee Vilos, Krista Widdison, Trish Wilstead Educators


Evelyn Cisneros-Legate Director, Ballet West Academy
Shawn Spainhour Managing Director, Ballet West Academy
Heather Fryxell Principal, Ballet West Academy at Salt Lake City
Heather Thackeray Principal, Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation Thanksgiving Point Campus at Lehi
Sandy Flury Principal, Peggy Bergmann Campus at Park City
Jeff Rogers Principal Faculty Director of Academy Men’s Program
Cynthia Ridler Principal Faculty and Incoming Student Ballet Master
Christopher Sellars Principal Faculty and Trainee Division Coordinator
Peter LeBreton Merz Principal Faculty and Academy Productions Coordinator
Leslie-Ann Campbell Senior Academy Operations Manager
Deanna Richardson Trolley Corners Operations Manager
Jennifer Hildreth Park City Operations Manager
Katrin McCallum Thanksgiving Point Administrator
Samantha Abrahamson, Katlyn Addison, Silver Barkes, Jessica Baynes, Tonia Blomquist, Jazz Bynum, Jenna Clark, Ashley Creek, Allison DeBona, Natalie Desch, Jennifer Fjeldsted, Adrian Fry, Darleen Gordon, Tyler Gum, Misa Oga Hansen, Jenna Rae Herrera, Noel Jensen, Katie Johnson, Chelsea Keefer, Justine Sheedy-Kramer, Lindsey Larsen, Deborah Latimer, Katherine Lawrence, Vinicius Lima, Savannah Lyle, Alex MacFarlan, Stacey Mahan, Kathryn Morgan, Emily Neale, Hope Parker, Sawyer Player, Mercedes Rice, Ashleigh Richardson, Abby Rubin, Erin Sanders, Connie Smith, Eunice Kim Stafford, Scout Sutton, Jessica Thompson, Rex Tilton, Jordan Veit, Kristina Weimer, Jaclyn Weisenbeck, Phyllis Whitaker, Alena Wilson, Emily Wilson, Claire Wilson, Nichele Woods, Jamie Zollinger Faculty
Grigoriy Ayrapetov, Nicholas Maughan, Jim Kuemmerle, Sarah Lund, Max Hall, John Rukavina, Rob Wood, Accompanists
Claire Wilson Summer Intensive Coordinator
Ginabel Peterson Academy Marketing Specialist
Maggie Wright-Tesch Summer Intensive Coordinator Ginabel Peterson, Academy Marketing Specialist U of U/BW Joint Trainee Liaison
Lindsay Preece, Katrin McCallum, Ashleigh Richardson
Administrative Assistants**


Joshua Jones Director of Communications
Marissa Hodges Marketing Manager
Lisa Jensen Retail Sales and Boutique Manager
Beau Pearson Company Photographer and Videographer
Andrew Goldberg Consulting


Jared Oaks Music Director
Seretta Hart Orchestra Personnel Manager
Nicholas Maughan Company Pianist
Grigoriy Ayrapetov Principal Academy Pianist, Associate Rehearsal Pianist
Rob Wood Company Class Pianist
Max Hall, Jim Kuemmerle, Sarah Lund, John Rukavina, Academy Pianists


Michael Andrew Currey Director of Production Michael McCulloch Production Stage Manager Robert Clifford Head Carpenter/Technical Director
Keith Ladanye Interim Assistant Carpenter
James K. Larsen Head Electrician
Corey Cresswell Assistant Electrician
Cory A. Thorell Properties Master
Jacquelin Bryce Wardrobe Supervisor
Emily Fowler Wardrobe Assistant
Yancey J. Quick Wig Master
Heidi Belka Pyrotechnician
Members of IATSE Local 99 Run of Show Crew


Jack E Stahl Associate Director of Technology and Ticketing
Natalie Thorpe Manager of Patron Services
Jane Harris Lead Patron Advisor
Hilary Hancock Patron Services Coordinator

Ballet West is an American Guild of Musical Artists (AGAMA), American Federation of Musicians (AFM), and International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Company.

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